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Our Commitment to Customers

David Goulden
David Goulden is Chief Executive Officer of EMC Information Infrastructure, one of the businesses in the EMC federation of companies. He is a 12-year EMC veteran, who has operated as EMC’s Chief Financial Officer for seven years and has held full responsibility for EMC’s Information Infrastructure business units, sales and customer operations, services, marketing and G&A functions since July 2012. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.
David Goulden

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Michael Dell, MSD Partners, and Silver Lake are leading a transaction to combine the EMC Federation of companies and Dell. This business combination will create the world’s largest privately-controlled technology company. We expect the transaction to close in mid-2016.

Our combined product and technology portfolios and sales approaches are complementary, so customers can buy with confidence as we expect minimal disruption to existing product lines. In fact, the strength of our combination is generating positive feedback from customers excited about what the future will bring. (more…)

The Cloud: Spot The Difference

Guy Churchward

Guy Churchward

President, Core Technologies
Guy Churchward is President of the Core Technologies Division at EMC Corporation. He is responsible for a division that is redefining storage through a comprehensive portfolio of core storage solutions encompassing the award-winning VMAX, VNX, VNXe, XtremIO, VPLEX, and Data Domain technologies and a cutting-edge software portfolio that delivers simplified storage systems management, continuous availability, replication, backup, and archive solutions. He has more than 27 years of experience in the IT industry, with broad international experience that spans executive management, engineering, sales, marketing and business development capacities. He joined EMC in May 2012, when he served as Senior Vice President of Engineering for the Backup & Recovery Systems Division, before becoming Division President in October 2012. He was appointed to lead the Core Technologies Division in October 2014.


Cloud storage is a bit like air travel.  When flight was new, it made new things possible – distant holidays, global business, year-round seasonal produce.  But it hasn’t replaced every other form of travel; we don’t fly to the store to buy milk.  Rather, flight is just one method of transport.  Likewise, cloud is just one storage option. So why do we get so spun up about it? (more…)

Reconstituting Our Software Development Skillset

John Roese

John Roese

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
John Roese is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at EMC Corporation. He leads the Corporate Office of Technology, which is responsible for defining the company's technology vision and strategy. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.

The digital transformation of our economy is creating many challenges for CIOs and IT organizations. The development of original software at scale is near the top of that list.

Over the last 15 years, the capacity for IT shops to develop original software that provides differentiated services has mostly atrophied. The industry has focused, instead, on implementing shrink-wrapped software packages. IT’s effectiveness was measured on deploying, optimizing, and maintaining those packaged systems.

However, in the past few years the value of IT has changed. (more…)

Is It Safe to Store Your Data in the Cloud?

Russ Stockdale

Russ Stockdale

Vice President & General Manager, Data Protection Cloud
Russ Stockdale

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shutterstock_221224123In the late ‘90s, when consumer internet was relatively new, there was a controversy swirling around online commerce: is it safe to use your credit card online? Fast forward to today. Online commerce is ubiquitous, and one of the largest credit card breaches to date recently occurred in Target’s brick and mortar stores. Now with enterprise cloud computing, there’s another controversy swirling: is it safe to store your data in the cloud? (more…)