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The Value of Incumbency

David Goulden
David Goulden is Chief Executive Officer of EMC Information Infrastructure, one of the businesses in the EMC federation of companies. He is a 12-year EMC veteran, who has operated as EMC’s Chief Financial Officer for seven years and has held full responsibility for EMC’s Information Infrastructure business units, sales and customer operations, services, marketing and G&A functions since July 2012. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.
David Goulden

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Earlier this month, I spoke at the Pacific Crest Global Technology Leadership Conference in Colorado, where Brent Bracelin, of Pacific Crest Securities, asked about EMC’s track record of acquiring unique technology assets and building them into fast growing businesses. By way of illustration: last quarter, our Emerging Storage Division grew revenues 49% year-over-year, due to customer interest in newer areas of our business such as our all flash arrays, Isilon scale-out NAS storage, our ViPR suite and software-defined storage, plus converged infrastructure. Brent then asked me the following question: “Does value of incumbency give you [EMC] an advantage in these newer markets or not?” (more…)

The Future for IT in Japan

Toshihiko Otsuka

Toshihiko Otsuka

Japan Country Manager at EMC Corporation
Toshihiko Otsuka

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The world is changing and Japan is no exception.  The Internet of Things (IoT) – the interconnectedness of our professional and personal technology – is creating IT change at an unprecedented scale.  This IT-centric world has the potential to significantly contribute to the work we accomplish and make the future a better place for everyone.

In fact, IT megatrends like cloud computing are creating opportunities throughout Japanese industry, especially in light of the country’s commitment to the advancement of core technology and a deep-seated culture of hospitality.  (more…)

6 Ways IT Responsibilities Are Evolving

John Roese

John Roese

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
John Roese is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at EMC Corporation. He leads the Corporate Office of Technology, which is responsible for defining the company's technology vision and strategy. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.

As business continues to shift the expectations and types of demands it is placing on IT, our technology, roles and responsibilities evolve in equal measure. Whether you are a CIO creating IT strategy or an IT practitioner implementing the strategy, now is the time to prepare for the changes ahead. (more…)

Making an Impact on the Silicon Slopes

Vance Checketts

Vance Checketts

Vice President and General Manager, Utah Center of Excellence at EMC Corporation
Vance Checketts

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Senator Hatch Visits EMC in UtahLast Friday, I had the privilege of hosting U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch at the EMC Utah Center of Excellence (CoE). Senator Hatch spoke on the state of Utah as a technology leader and noted EMC’s advancements in the enterprise technology industry:

“EMC is providing the type of jobs and critical technology needed to help keep our country ahead of the technology curve. The company invests in its people and the communities in which it operates, while also providing leading solutions for Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Cybersecurity. Today’s visit to EMC’s Utah office showcased the great work that is being done to help keep our state’s technology industry at the forefront of the global economy.”

More than 1,000 EMC employees are based at the Utah Center of Excellence (CoE), working on a variety of IT-as-a-Service projects such as setting up Hadoop-as-a-Service so that customers can do faster Big Data analytics. (more…)



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