Flash is Changing the Landscape

Chad Sakac

Chad Sakac

Senior Vice President, Global Systems Engineering

For the last 6 years, EMC has been investing in every way we can (on the server software stack, on the all-flash array market, and in the hybrid array market)—it’s a case of “self-disrupt, now!”

We’ve called out the fact that flash is one of the mega-disruptors from a pure technology standpoint—the others being: 1) low cost, high performance compute/memory/networking; 2) virtualization/abstraction in general; 3) cloud automation and consumption models; 4) convergence blending of compute/network/storage.

Like has happened before, these are all “fundamental tech disruptions” that underpin the mega-trends that people see of Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Big Data.

Read Chad’s full Virtual Geek post.

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