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How to Close the Gap on IT Security Breach Readiness

Cyber Security LaptopIn light of another year of numerous high profile cybersecurity breaches in 2014, RSA set out to get a clear understanding as to why organizations continue to struggle with breach readiness and how they can improve their preparation in the future. This week RSA announced the results of a global breach readiness survey of more than 170 respondents from 30 countries, which were compared to the responses of the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC), a group of top security leaders from Global 1000 enterprises. (more…)

Building the Security Team of Today and Tomorrow

securityTechnologies such as mobile, social networking, analytics and cloud computing are changing the security landscape, and security technologies are rapidly evolving to address that change.

It’s not just the technology that needs to change, however: security teams need to change as well.


Talk to Me: Better Communication Boosts Boardroom Confidence in IT

In today’s volatile risk environment, cyber security is a top-of-mind issue for boards of directors. Like all leaders, they want to understand what the chances are that their organizations will experience security breaches and also what IT is doing to prevent them. Yet, according to findings from a global IT Trust Curve Survey, there is a major gap in confidence between Boards of Directors, business leaders, and IT organizations. Much of this is due to ineffective communication between IT leadership and the board. While establishing board-level communication may be unfamiliar terrain for many IT leaders, there are five essential steps that can bridge this important gap and start restoring confidence among board members. (more…)

The Era of Protecting by Enabling

IT managers today are on the forefront of information delivery services. Users are demanding highly available and secure data transfers that are flexible enough to serve them on the road and multiple devices. The days of traveling physically to a secure location to access a file are fast becoming extinct.