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Digitization at Top of CIO Priority Lists 2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions

Vic Bhagat

Vic Bhagat

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Business Solutions & Chief Information Officer
Vic Bhagat is Executive Vice President, Enterprise Business Solutions and Chief Information Officer at EMC Corporation. He joined EMC in January 2013 and is responsible for leading the information technology, global Centers of Excellence, global business services, and indirect procurement organizations. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.
Vic Bhagat

Over the last three decades in this industry, I’ve seen many impressively disruptive waves of technology, but I have never witnessed as many waves hitting simultaneously as we are seeing today.

While we can and will pursue many of these, as CIOs in a hypercompetitive global environment, we have to catch the wave that makes the biggest impact on enabling the business and accelerating our revenue and business growth.  In 2015, I predict the highest priority for CIOs is digitization. (more…)

Business Intelligence Analyst or Data Scientist? What’s the Difference?

Bill Schmarzo

Bill Schmarzo

Chief Technology Officer, Global Services Big Data Practice

Business AnalystI am a huge Thomas Davenport fan. His book “Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning” was the first book to make organizations aware of the business potential of analytics, even prior to the craziness brought on by Big Data. I happened upon a recent article of his titled “Looking Outward with Big Data: A Q&A with Tom Davenport” and one item from that article really jumped out at me:

“Initially, I didn’t see much of a distinction [between business analytics and big data], and I thought that I could kind of rest on my laurels and not write a book about big data—because the fact is that the analytical tools and approaches used are not all that different for big data. But when I started talking to companies and data scientists, I realized that there really were some fairly substantial differences—some that have yet to be fully articulated and some that are already in evidence.”


Virtual Data Lakes of Opportunity are Filling in All Around Us

Lynn Marquedant

Lynn Marquedant

Market Development Manager, State & Local Government and Education
Lynn Marquedant

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Potential Value of Open DataAccording to a new McKinsey report, the availability of Open Data in the Public Sector will unlock as much as $2 trillion dollars in economic value – annually.

No one knows exactly how the future open data world will look, or who will reap the economic rewards, but one thing’s for sure, with 90,000 open data sets already available on the United States’, the sky’s the limit. Public entities, private companies, and citizens should all benefit from the open data movement.  (more…)

Navigating a Data Lake

Bill Richter

Bill Richter

President, Isilon Storage Division
Bill Richter is President of the Isilon Storage Division of EMC. He oversees all aspects of Isilon's business including worldwide sales and services, channel strategy, product development, marketing, strategic business and financial initiatives, IT and technical support. He is based at EMC’s offices in Seattle, Washington, United States.
Bill Richter

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Here in Seattle, we have a stunning lake on the edge of our downtown called Lake Union. The lake is home to many houseboats, including the one filmed in “Sleepless in Seattle,” as well as a haven for sailboats, kayakers and sea planes – in short, a true beehive of activity!

Lake_UnionEven though the lake can be crowded, Seattle does a great job of managing activity on the lake. Restrictions on the number of house boats, designated landing areas for sea planes, and police patrol boats all work together to help ensure that everything moves in an orderly fashion. I can’t help but think about the parallels between what happens on Lake Union on a daily basis and what is transpiring in the emerging world of what is referred to as a “data lake.” (more…)




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