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Making Waves: Health IT Dives Into Data Lakes

Dave DeAngelis

Dave DeAngelis

General Manager, Global Healthcare Business

The healthcare industry is changing – fast.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says 30% of Medicare payments need to shift from volume-based to value-based care reimbursement models by 2016, and 50% by 2018.  Healthcare providers still have a lot of work to do to successfully make this transition.

The 2015 HIMSS Leadership Survey found that while 41% of healthcare leaders think big data analytics is a number one priority for their organization, a surprising 81% still have basic questions around the quantity and type of data they should be collecting and how to actually turn that data into insight.

That’s not especially good news considering healthcare data continues to grow at 48% per year through 2020 from clinical applications, Internet-enabled medical devices, wearables, and remote patient monitoring. With questions on how to manage all of the data being generated today, how will healthcare providers collect, secure, and share the next big wave of information to come? (more…)

The Rationale for an Expanded Data Lake

CJ Desai

CJ Desai

President, Emerging Technologies
CJ Desai is President of the Emerging Technologies Division at EMC. He oversees all aspects of the business including product development, finance, marketing, sales and product management. In addition, he is responsible for leading the investigation of additional opportunities in emerging strategic product segments that represent new addressable markets for EMC with a focus on disruptive technologies. He is based at EMC’s offices in Santa Clara, California, United States.

Building an Expanded Data LakeIn January, I described 2015 as the year in which data lakes come of age and move into mainstream IT. Since then, we have seen the impact of unstructured data growth on organizations across every industry. Data lakes that consolidate and eliminate storage silos to lower costs and harness the power of data assets are more appealing than ever, but it’s not a static picture.

Data growth is pervasive and, for many of our customers, it’s being generated continuously in every corner of their business. The cloud is an ever more important element in enterprise data storage strategies. We are also living in an “always on” world, demanding access to data anytime. (more…)

Putting Healthcare Data to Work

David Dimond

David Dimond

Chief Technology Officer and Distinguished Engineer, Global Healthcare at Dell EMC
David Dimond

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Technology continues to change how we work and play. As consumers, we are living in an Information Generation that is more digitally connected to each other through the things we use and the experiences they enable. For businesses, all this data creates a clearer picture of our customers and what they both need and want. And, for healthcare organizations, gaining that clear picture on a particular patient in real-time can be critical at the point of care. (more…)

Driving Business Success in an Information Economy Lessons from Singapore

Lessons from Singapore

Eric Goh

Eric Goh

Managing Director, Singapore

As Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence this month, many people are reminded that it is a truly remarkable feat for a young nation to have achieved so much in such a short time. Not many would have expected this once sleepy fishing village to transform into the global financial hub and economic powerhouse we see today.

The country now leads in network readiness, ease of doing business, healthcare and communication systems. Its strong growing GDP belies a small country just 714.3 square kilometers (roughly half the size of Los Angeles) with limited natural resources, epitomizing an ideal city-state maintaining the balance between competitiveness and continued growth.

Looking at this “Little Red Dot,” I tend to compare it with businesses today that are often struggling with a similar dilemma of limited and shrinking resources. (more…)




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