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The Key to a Best-in-class Customer Service Experience

Howard Elias

Howard Elias

President, Dell EMC Services and IT
Howard Elias is President, Dell EMC Services and IT, supporting customers across the Client Solutions and Enterprise Solutions Groups. He oversees technology and deployment services, consulting services, global support services, education services, global Centers of Excellence, and the IT organization.

Along with the other members of the executive team, I spend a great deal of time talking with our customers and partners about the future of Dell and Dell EMC and they clearly understand the value we will bring to their businesses. They see our combined company as a more strategic IT provider, especially around the broader portfolio we can now offer and our combined scale in the marketplace. And this is consistent with what industry research firms are hearing from the customers and partners they have surveyed.


How Much Is Your Data Worth?

Steve Todd

Steve Todd

EMC Fellow and Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

According to Gartner’s Doug Laney, some 80% of executives believe the value of their company’s data is reflected on their balance sheet, yet this increasingly valuable asset is rarely managed with the same discipline, principles and practices as financial or human capital or physical assets. How can a business bridge this gap? (more…)

Applications Multi Cloud

Successful businesses are differentiating from their competition through the deployment of Multicloud-rapplication software that collects valuable data that is analyzed resulting in action that influences successful outcomes in near real time. (more…)

Get Out of Reverse Today! How CIOs Successfully Transform the IT Organization

How CIOs Successfully Transform the IT Organization

Dinko Eror

Dinko Eror

Vice President and Country Manager, EMC Germany at EMC
Dinko Eror

Legacy IT is not able to cope with today’s digitalization – transformation is required. But who should handle the related redesign and rebuild tasks? You, the IT leader, of course. And you should start today, because it is about time that everybody views the IT as a business driver instead of a road block. (more…)