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Government Agencies Are Ready for the Benefits of Software-Defined Data Centers Hyperconverged IT architecture allows agencies to tailor infrastructure to specific application and workload needs

Hyperconverged IT architecture allows agencies to tailor infrastructure to specific application and workload needs

The federal government has recognized the need to modernize its IT infrastructure as a critical priority. Legacy technology monopolizes between 70 and 80 percent of federal IT budgets annually, and reports have revealed certain agencies are using systems that are upwards of 50 years old. Agencies are in need of strategic options for efficiently and effectively adopting solutions that can support a true digital transformation of today’s government systems.

In many cases, software-defined data centers (SDDCs) provide an ideal solution. With more data now available from sensors and connected devices to inform them, software-defined environments put agency leaders in the best position to support their missions. When made readily accessible through a software-defined environment, the vast amount of data stemming from a digital government can be leveraged to better meet citizen and federal employee needs, as well as save taxpayer money. The move toward SDDCs can help government recognize and garner the value of data gathered through digital transformation technologies like the Internet of Things, accelerating government’s digital voyage.


Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – Smaller and Simpler with VxRail

First – the headline, because a headline this good shouldn’t be buried: Today, a turnkey Enterprise Hybrid Cloud got 3x simpler, and available 3x smaller.   This makes the number of customers for which it’s an interesting option for 10x more customers.


Serving up Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Customer Choice

Dell EMC recently announced the integration of PowerEdge servers with its hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio.  In a recent interview with Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman on theCUBE at Dell EMC World, Chad Sakac, President of Converged Platforms & Solutions at Dell EMC, shares why this announcement is so meaningful to the industry and  to Dell EMC customers as well as the benefits to ordering infrastructure “off a menu” as opposed to building it from scratch.


We’re days old as Dell Technologies… but already adding new #1’s – now #1 in servers

Frankly, it’s an unbelievably invigorating time here inside Dell EMC and Dell Technologies.   Things are happening fast. Things are happening furiously. Things are happening fantastically.

We believe that the industry is in a phase of disruption. We believe that customers want choice, but also want strong opinionated views. Customers are telling us: “tell us what you think, but don’t tell us what to do… Instead, guide us on the path forward”.