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The State of Digital Transformation

David Goulden

David Goulden

President, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC
David Goulden is President of the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC, responsible for the global business that includes servers, storage, networking, converged infrastructure and solutions.
David Goulden

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Look around and see how dramatically digital technologies are revolutionizing entire industries, enabling new business models while disrupting familiar ways of doing business. Perhaps no industry illustrates this more starkly than media and entertainment and the proliferation of online journalism and crowd sourced content. The insurance industry could be next, where the deployment of sensors and advanced analytics are changing how risk gets measured and priced, how buyers compare policy offers and how policyholders file claims from mobile devices, submitting video for documentation. Looking further into the future, what will be the impact of driverless vehicles on rides for hire and trucking, not to mention today’s Uber drivers and teamsters who earn a living hauling people and freight from point A to B?  (more…)

Dell + EMC = Better Together

Todd Pavone

Todd Pavone

COO, the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division at Dell EMC
Todd Pavone

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Right from the day VCE, now known as the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, was born in 2009 – we’ve had a customer-first policy. Everything that we do – whether it’s product innovation, technology roadmap or strategic vision – is laser focused on our customers and their needs. (more…)

Stop Building Stuff That’s Boring

In an interview on theCube, Chad Sakac implores enterprise IT to “stop building the stuff that is boring… and doesn’t differentiate you one bit”, offers his predictions on the combination of Dell EMC and the future of Converged Infrastructure.  (more…)




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