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The Future for IT in Japan

Toshihiko Otsuka

Toshihiko Otsuka

Japan Country Manager at EMC Corporation
Toshihiko Otsuka

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The world is changing and Japan is no exception.  The Internet of Things (IoT) – the interconnectedness of our professional and personal technology – is creating IT change at an unprecedented scale.  This IT-centric world has the potential to significantly contribute to the work we accomplish and make the future a better place for everyone.

In fact, IT megatrends like cloud computing are creating opportunities throughout Japanese industry, especially in light of the country’s commitment to the advancement of core technology and a deep-seated culture of hospitality.  (more…)

Driving Business Success in an Information Economy Lessons from Singapore

Lessons from Singapore

Eric Goh

Eric Goh

Managing Director, Singapore

As Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence this month, many people are reminded that it is a truly remarkable feat for a young nation to have achieved so much in such a short time. Not many would have expected this once sleepy fishing village to transform into the global financial hub and economic powerhouse we see today.

The country now leads in network readiness, ease of doing business, healthcare and communication systems. Its strong growing GDP belies a small country just 714.3 square kilometers (roughly half the size of Los Angeles) with limited natural resources, epitomizing an ideal city-state maintaining the balance between competitiveness and continued growth.

Looking at this “Little Red Dot,” I tend to compare it with businesses today that are often struggling with a similar dilemma of limited and shrinking resources. (more…)

Transforming Asia’s Businesses: Redefining Leadership in the War for Talent

David Webster

David Webster

President, Asia Pacific & Japan
David Webster has served as President, Asia Pacific and Japan for EMC Corporation since July 2012. He is responsible for driving growth in the region, as well as delivering and supporting the full range of EMC's products, services and solutions in established and new markets, enhancing partner and channel relationships, and furthering product development throughout the region. He is based at EMC’s offices in St. Leonards, Australia.

Asia Pacific is a diverse region with a unique mix of economies, all at different stages of maturity and growth. Mega trends such as the rising middle class, rapid urbanization and the growing population within the economically productive age bracket are tilting the global economic center of gravity toward Asia Pacific.

Yet, such growth may be inhibited by the relentless war for talent that is occurring within the region. According to the Manpower Group’s annual Talent Shortage Survey, 51% of Asia Pacific employers had difficulty filling job vacancies, consequently costing companies more and more, creating an urgent need to find other ways to attract, motivate and retain talent. (more…)