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Government Agencies Are Ready for the Benefits of Software-Defined Data Centers Hyperconverged IT architecture allows agencies to tailor infrastructure to specific application and workload needs

Hyperconverged IT architecture allows agencies to tailor infrastructure to specific application and workload needs

The federal government has recognized the need to modernize its IT infrastructure as a critical priority. Legacy technology monopolizes between 70 and 80 percent of federal IT budgets annually, and reports have revealed certain agencies are using systems that are upwards of 50 years old. Agencies are in need of strategic options for efficiently and effectively adopting solutions that can support a true digital transformation of today’s government systems.

In many cases, software-defined data centers (SDDCs) provide an ideal solution. With more data now available from sensors and connected devices to inform them, software-defined environments put agency leaders in the best position to support their missions. When made readily accessible through a software-defined environment, the vast amount of data stemming from a digital government can be leveraged to better meet citizen and federal employee needs, as well as save taxpayer money. The move toward SDDCs can help government recognize and garner the value of data gathered through digital transformation technologies like the Internet of Things, accelerating government’s digital voyage.


Modern Data Center: The Secret’s in the Software

Clint Kitson

Clint Kitson

Technical Director, {code} by Dell EMC
Clint Kitson

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Digital transformation is everywhere, and it’s a critical point in IT evolution—but there’s a whole ecosystem of companies that are forming, not transforming, and starting from scratch with their own modern data centers—using both open source and proprietary software. (more…)

Achieving Public Cloud Agility with the Comfort of Private Cloud Resiliency and Security

CJ Desai

CJ Desai

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CJ Desai is President of the Emerging Technologies Division at EMC. He oversees all aspects of the business including product development, finance, marketing, sales and product management. In addition, he is responsible for leading the investigation of additional opportunities in emerging strategic product segments that represent new addressable markets for EMC with a focus on disruptive technologies. He is based at EMC’s offices in Santa Clara, California, United States.

Change is a constant and it is inevitable. This has never been more accurate than today with the movement towards the modern data center(more…)

The Pillars Of The Modern Data Center

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton

Chief Marketing Officer, Dell
Jeremy Burton is the Chief Marketing Officer of Dell, directly responsible for the global marketing structure, strategy, and all aspects of Dell’s enterprise marketing efforts including brand, communications, digital and field & channel marketing. In addition to his marketing responsibilities, Burton leads Corporate Development where is responsible for M&A and venture capital investment activity. He is based at Dell’s offices in Santa Clara, California.

On the heels of launching VMAX All Flash and DSSD D5, its important to round back on how critical it is to implement and run a modern data center. To deliver on the capabilities of a digital business, there’s no question that IT organizations must modernize and automate their infrastructure, and transform their data center operation into a cloud environment – one that is fully automated and self-service. But what infrastructure should underpin this new cloud environment? (more…)