Prescribing Cloud Healthcare Goes Hybrid

Dave DeAngelis

Dave DeAngelis

General Manager, Global Healthcare Business

It’s good to have a plan.

Healthcare data is growing faster than ever before.  At 48 percent each year, it’s one of the fastest growing segments in the Digital Universe.  This data is coming from many sources – clinical applications, compliance requirements, population health, and FutureCare-enabling technologies for cloud, Big Data, mobile, and social – just to name a few.

Health IT needs a plan to manage and take advantage of all this information.  More than ever before, a hybrid cloud model needs to be part of that plan. Continue reading

Career Advice for Aspiring Leaders

David Goulden

David Goulden

Chief Executive Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure at EMC Corporation
David Goulden is Chief Executive Officer of EMC Information Infrastructure, one of the businesses in the EMC federation of companies. He is a 12-year EMC veteran, who has operated as EMC’s Chief Financial Officer for seven years and has held full responsibility for EMC’s Information Infrastructure business units, sales and customer operations, services, marketing and G&A functions since July 2012. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.

David Goulden Simmons Leadership ConferenceFor the 8th year in a row, EMC was the lead sponsor of the Simmons Leadership Conference for professional women, which some consider the top event of its kind in the U.S.  More than 500 women from EMC were there, where I was asked to address the conference theme of “dare to compete” by drawing lessons from my own career experience.  Here, I’ll share a little of what I said there this morning. Continue reading

Inside Sales for the Empowered Buyer

Linda Connly

Linda Connly

Senior Vice President, Global Inside Sales

ResearchIDC recently reported on the power swaps occurring in the sales industry: “A rich dialog has shifted online and away from the sales person.” Accenture noted the trend similarly, saying “the customer journey is now dynamic, accessible and continuous.”

Customers no longer need to be handheld through the typical discover and consider phases of the buying cycle. Continue reading

Responding to the Stress of Change

Stephen Manley

Stephen Manley

Chief Technology Officer, Core Technologies

“What does it mean for me?”

That’s the unspoken question underlying today’s technology conversations. From CIO to line administrator, everybody wants to know where the disruption we’re seeing with the emergence of cloud, big data, and mobile will leave them.

Everybody is feeling unprecedented levels of stress. We’re at the confluence of three massive technology waves, in which each wave’s architecture optimizes for different workloads:

  • Traditional storage-centric services – IT builds the application infrastructure by stitching together best-of-breed storage, servers, network, virtualization, and backup.
  • Converged infrastructure-centric services - IT builds the application infrastructure with increasingly integrated components, so they spend less time and effort connecting pieces.
  • Cloud-centric data services – Either IT or an external vendor provides standard, simple application infrastructure without exposing any traditional components.

We’re also facing new consumption models. For decades, IT infrastructure transactions have focused on buying physical equipment.  At the end, you owned something tangible.  Now, however, there are new options: hybrid cloud, public cloud, and virtualized (as in a software-defined data center).

Companies have to choose both the right architectural and consumption model for their workloads. The result: more stress. Continue reading