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How to Succeed With Big Data

Stephen Manley

Stephen Manley

Chief Technology Officer, Core Technologies
Stephen Manley

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In the past year, my Big Data journey has evolved into a successful, revenue-generating, innovation-enabling solution. How did I get here and what recommendations can I offer? (more…)

Driving Business Success in an Information Economy Lessons from Singapore

Lessons from Singapore

Eric Goh

Eric Goh

Managing Director, Singapore

As Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence this month, many people are reminded that it is a truly remarkable feat for a young nation to have achieved so much in such a short time. Not many would have expected this once sleepy fishing village to transform into the global financial hub and economic powerhouse we see today.

The country now leads in network readiness, ease of doing business, healthcare and communication systems. Its strong growing GDP belies a small country just 714.3 square kilometers (roughly half the size of Los Angeles) with limited natural resources, epitomizing an ideal city-state maintaining the balance between competitiveness and continued growth.

Looking at this “Little Red Dot,” I tend to compare it with businesses today that are often struggling with a similar dilemma of limited and shrinking resources. (more…)

IT Technology Evolution Over the Next 10 Years

John Roese

John Roese

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
John Roese is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at EMC Corporation. He leads the Corporate Office of Technology, which is responsible for defining the company's technology vision and strategy. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.

For the last few years, IT has become good at deploying cloud infrastructures. We are successfully standing up clouds on premises, off premises and even creating hybrid models.  Congratulations – we now have clouds.

The problem is once something exists, expectations shift.  Our businesses and our customers assume that the infrastructure is in place, so the emphasis is now on using clouds to add value. (more…)

Be Relevant, Or Be Gone

Jay Snyder

Jay Snyder

Senior Vice President, Global Alliances
Jay Snyder

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130826_content_marketing_sales-02The Webster’s definition of “relevance” leaves absolutely no room for misinterpretation: the meaning of relevance is “having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand.”

Today, making that “significant and demonstrable” impact is really about the end-user. How can companies deliver immediate, tangible outcomes for their customers and consumers? (more…)



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