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Driving Digital Business with Hybrid Cloud

David Goulden
David Goulden is Chief Executive Officer of EMC Information Infrastructure, one of the businesses in the EMC federation of companies. He is a 12-year EMC veteran, who has operated as EMC’s Chief Financial Officer for seven years and has held full responsibility for EMC’s Information Infrastructure business units, sales and customer operations, services, marketing and G&A functions since July 2012. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.
David Goulden

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Corporations today must digitize their processes, personalize the customer experience, and innovate at an unprecedented pace. Yet too few have implemented the technology platform needed to truly support those objectives.

Fortunately, hybrid cloud is quickly emerging as the enabler of digital business, with adoption being driven by three key forces.

One driver is the nature of digital business itself. Technology advances and information availability have altered customer expectations for good. Customers expect to be able to do what they want when they want on whatever device they want, quickly and easily and with personalized service. Companies serving them must meet those expectations with new generations of fast-changing applications. (more…)

Conducting to Perfection

Jacques Boschung

Jacques Boschung

Vice President of Europe West
Jacques Boschung

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There are striking parallels between conducting an orchestra and managing a data center.

There are striking parallels between conducting an orchestra and data center management

Imagine how difficult it is to master an instrument. It takes long hours of tedious practice to make each note sound just right. Now consider how difficult it must be to make 100 instruments play together in a perfect rendition of a Prokofiev or Brahms masterpiece. It’s just as hard as making a datacenter operate smoothly.

If you had a chance to see one of the performances of the Boston Symphony Orchestra while they were on tour in Europe this summer, I hope you looked closely at Andris Nelsons, their musical director.  It isn’t hard to be jealous of the way the musicians respond to his leadership and wish that the components in your datacenter were just as responsive and obedient. (more…)

The New OS: Operational Simplicity

Todd Pavone

Todd Pavone

Executive Vice President, Product Strategy & Development at VCE
Todd Pavone

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The IT industry is in the midst of tremendous change. To meet the evolving requirements of our customers, we have to provide an entire spectrum of IT solutions, from reference architectures to engineered and hyper-converged systems. The focus and conversation also has shifted from a pure IT orientation to the ability to support companies in achieving their business outcomes.

While the term “operational simplicity” has been around for many years, it is finally coming into its own in relation to how IT can be more efficient and effective. (more…)

Digitizing Our Cultural Heritage

Octavio Osorio

Octavio Osorio

Divisional Vice President, Latin America at EMC Corporation
Octavio Osorio

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sdfsdfajkl;sdfajkl;sdfHumans have been recording cultural history since the beginning of mankind. Our culture has been captured in art, books, audio and film recordings, as well as stored in museums and libraries around the world. Unfortunately, many of these treasures are in locations where they are at risk of degradation or destruction. (more…)



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