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Next Stop on the RSA Express: Abu Dhabi

Zulfikar Ramzan

Zulfikar Ramzan

Chief Technology Officer at RSA
Zulfikar Ramzan

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I’m incredibly excited about attending RSA’s next conference, which will be held November 4-5 in Abu Dhabi. This marks the first time we’re holding a conference in the region and I certainly hope we’ll have many more. Let me tell you why. (more…)

Fundamental Attributes of an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

For many organizations moving to a hybrid cloud environment is still uncharted territory. EMC Information Infrastructure CEO David Goulden recently discussed the drivers behind hybrid cloud and how it helps organizations innovate rapidly while still delivering enterprise-grade performance and resiliency.

So if everyone sees the value, what is holding companies back? (more…)

Putting Healthcare Data to Work

David Dimond

David Dimond

Chief Technology Officer, Global Healthcare
David Dimond

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Technology continues to change how we work and play. As consumers, we are living in an Information Generation that is more digitally connected to each other through the things we use and the experiences they enable. For businesses, all this data creates a clearer picture of our customers and what they both need and want. And, for healthcare organizations, gaining that clear picture on a particular patient in real-time can be critical at the point of care. (more…)

The Economic Value of Data in an Information Driven World

Steve Todd

Steve Todd

EMC Fellow and Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

By 2024, we’ll have a fully established Information Economy where data is critical to businesses looking to predictively spot new opportunities to gain a competitive edge. Standards-based information will be sold, donated and traded on open exchanges. Data marketplaces will facilitate the transfer of data in and out of siloes more fluidly and people will start to broker their own data.  We’re already seeing many signs of this – but it’s only the beginning.

Within this landscape, your company’s data is important – that’s obvious. But just how important is it? How can you measure its value?   (more…)