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Putting Healthcare Data to Work

David Dimond

David Dimond

Chief Technology Officer and Distinguished Engineer, Global Healthcare at Dell EMC
David Dimond

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Technology continues to change how we work and play. As consumers, we are living in an Information Generation that is more digitally connected to each other through the things we use and the experiences they enable. For businesses, all this data creates a clearer picture of our customers and what they both need and want. And, for healthcare organizations, gaining that clear picture on a particular patient in real-time can be critical at the point of care. (more…)

Transforming Backup into a Business Accelerator

Stephen Manley

Stephen Manley

Chief Technology Officer, Core Technologies
Stephen Manley

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Backup has transformed from “low-value, high-cost insurance policy” to “business accelerator.” Unfortunately, most organizations struggle with the complexity and cost of a jumble of disconnected backup technologies.





Ready, Set, Transform...Your IT. Listen to the inaugural episode of Luminaries w/ @markwschaefer and @douglaskarr.… about 4 days ago