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How Digital Is Your Business?

David Goulden

David Goulden

President, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC
David Goulden is President of the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC, responsible for the global business that includes servers, storage, networking, converged infrastructure and solutions.
David Goulden

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There is no longer any debate. The speed with which business critical information is gathered, processed, and analyzed is greater today than ever. With the introduction of sensors and the Internet of Things, information is gathered from almost anywhere. Despite the increased ubiquity and speed of information gathering and processing, however, many businesses are unprepared to handle and benefit from these changes.

Information Generation meets Digital BusinessBaby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials — it no longer matters what generation a person was born into, in an era awash with data, we are all part of the Information Generation. And members of this generation make new demands on business daily, creating a transformation imperative for digital businesses across all industries. (more…)

Unleashing Digital Transformation for Sales Big Data and Advanced Analytics at Work

Big Data and Advanced Analytics at Work

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh

Senior Vice President, Global Business Operations
Bill Walsh is responsible for EMC sales and channel operations including go-to-market strategy and planning, sales systems and tools, sales compensation, as well as pricing and financial services. He is based at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States.

Digital Transformation for SalesThe new digital world is a driving force for reinvention by companies large and small.  It’s a fresh start to reevaluate how business is running today and what is needed to position for success in the future.

The EMC sales organization is in the midst of our own multiyear digital transformation journey to significantly improve the experience for our customers, as well as our salesforce and partners.  We are creating a modern buying experience that offers choice and flexibility.  To get there, we are also simplifying our selling processes and changing how our sales organization engages with customers.  It’s a digital transformation of the way we do business. (more…)

What Comes Next in the Infrastructure?

Praveen Akkiraju

Praveen Akkiraju

Chief Executive Officer, VCE
Praveen Akkiraju is the Chief Executive Officer of VCE within EMC. Under his leadership, VCE has consistently grown 50%+ year-over-year to reach $2B in revenues in 5 years. Today, the company is the clear leader in the dynamic Converged Infrastructure segment, a market VCE defined and established since its inception in 2009. Akkiraju holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana State University and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School. He also serves on the Senior Advisory Council at the non-profit Industry Initiatives for Science & Math Education (IISME).
Praveen Akkiraju

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In the digital economy, the race to deliver superior customer experience has disrupted entire industries, some even overnight. From transportation, to healthcare, to retail, the power to reshape economies is just a few clicks away on our smartphones or tablets. Contending with markets and customer expectations that are changing at a rate that dramatically outpaces their delivery systems has become the new normal for business. This disruption is driving enterprise IT to fundamentally transform itself from being an operations arm to becoming the innovation engine. (more…)

Farsighted or Foolhardy? A Look Back at My 2015 Predictions

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton

Chief Marketing Officer, Dell
Jeremy Burton is the Chief Marketing Officer of Dell, directly responsible for the global marketing structure, strategy, and all aspects of Dell’s enterprise marketing efforts including brand, communications, digital and field & channel marketing. In addition to his marketing responsibilities, Burton leads Corporate Development where is responsible for M&A and venture capital investment activity. He is based at Dell’s offices in Santa Clara, California.

Prediction season is nearly upon us. It’s that time of year where companies start looking ahead and reflecting on lessons of the past. Let’s start by looking back at my 2015 predictions.

Where did wearables fall in 2015 predictions?Wearable-Schmearable

Wearables continued to generate a lot of hype, but in my view, there’s still a long way to go before they have a meaningful impact on anybody’s life – including my own.

While it turns out the Apple Watch was the must-have tech gadget for Apple fanatics, it “is still probably not for you,” as the New York Times puts it. Why?  Well, I’ve come to discover that the killer app for the Apple Watch is in fact… the clock!   I use my Apple Watch when I’m coaching the kids’ soccer to figure out when time is up… but that’s about it.   And the downside?  Now when a call comes in, my MacBook, iPad, iPhone… and now my watch all light up with that familiar samba tune. (more…)