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Where Are the Savings and Benefits Delivered by Hybrid Cloud?

Cloud computing is undoubtedly gaining momentum across businesses of all sizes due to its compelling promise to deliver business agility and cost savings.   You might ask, “How much and where will I see those savings?”What, and where are those savings, you might ask?   Well, we collaborated with Principled Technologies on a study that answers just those questions.  The intention of the study is to provide considerations for assessing the impact of hybrid cloud on your business.  It focuses on two areas:  the business value delivered by hybrid cloud computing and a side by side comparison of two possible paths to hybrid cloud, build your own or buy a fully engineered solution.

The first part of the study focuses on the business values organizations can expect to realize, specifically the cost savings and benefits of hybrid cloud computing.   For a theoretical enterprise of 29,550hc1 employees and a virtualized infrastructure of 5,000 virtual machines (VMs), Principled Technologies used industry available research and their own analysis to calculate that business benefits they could realize.   For example, their findings revealed significant savings around resource optimization with up to – as much as 50% in CapEX savings , 10% associated with reclaiming inactive VMs and 2% more efficient use of software licenses as well as greater efficiencies in service delivery.


hc2Reduced complexity and increased efficiencies from automation and operational management can save IT staff time – as much as 56%, giving them the time to focus on other, more impactful business initiatives and projects.  With ever increasing demands on already overtaxed resources, these savings can have a big impact on any organization.


The second part of the study explores a side by side comparison of the two paths you can take to get to a hybrid hc3cloud – build your own vs. buy an engineered solution.  It includes Principle Technologies first-hand experience and analysis for both approaches.  Their results revealed that the EMC engineered solution, Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, provides a 92% faster time value through an accelerated cloud implementation of infrastructure-as-a-service.    Most of our customers start with infrastructure-as-a-service but to really deliver IT-as-a-service they want additional features such as data protection across multiple sites, database services, encryption and integration with their operational processes. hc4 Even though the study didn’t build a solution to deliver ITaaS, it validated much of what our customers have been telling us all along as well as our own experience.   We can deliver IT-as-a-Service >50% faster than our customers can do it themselves, allowing them accelerate value to the business.     Taking into account the time, effort and resources involved to design, implement, support and upgrade, the engineered solution can save as much as 67% over 3 years compared to a build your own approach.

Read the full report to understand the benefits hybrid cloud can deliver to your business as well as the considerations for assessing whether to buy or build your own.

Over 900 IT Executives Answer: What Does Hybrid Cloud Do For Digital Business?

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton

Chief Marketing Officer, Dell
Jeremy Burton is the Chief Marketing Officer of Dell, directly responsible for the global marketing structure, strategy, and all aspects of Dell’s enterprise marketing efforts including brand, communications, digital and field & channel marketing. In addition to his marketing responsibilities, Burton leads Corporate Development where is responsible for M&A and venture capital investment activity. He is based at Dell’s offices in Santa Clara, California.

A few months back you might remember David Goulden offering EMC’s perspective on how hybrid cloud enables digital business. So you know what we think. But we wanted to find out what you think.  So we partnered with IDG to survey over 900 IT executives to dig into the connections between the two. What did you tell us? (more…)

How Digital Is Your Business?

David Goulden

David Goulden

President, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC
David Goulden is President of the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC, responsible for the global business that includes servers, storage, networking, converged infrastructure and solutions.
David Goulden

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There is no longer any debate. The speed with which business critical information is gathered, processed, and analyzed is greater today than ever. With the introduction of sensors and the Internet of Things, information is gathered from almost anywhere. Despite the increased ubiquity and speed of information gathering and processing, however, many businesses are unprepared to handle and benefit from these changes.

Information Generation meets Digital BusinessBaby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials — it no longer matters what generation a person was born into, in an era awash with data, we are all part of the Information Generation. And members of this generation make new demands on business daily, creating a transformation imperative for digital businesses across all industries. (more…)

On the Road to Software Transformation

Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher

President, Cloud Platform Team
Brian Gallagher is President of EMC’s Cloud Platform Team. He is responsible for the company’s strategy and offerings for cloud native application management and orchestration. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Across the globe, CIOs are facing common challenges heading into 2016. The list includes shrinking IT budgets; countless new technologies and platforms; finding the right talent and leadership; and creating a culture that breeds rapid innovation, to name a few. CIOs everywhere are coming together to exchange ideas around these issues and brainstorm ways to tackle them.

EMC Forums, one-day technology events for our customers and partners, facilitate many of these collaborative conversations. At the Forums I traveled to this year, I learned about some of the more unique and local challenges for IT organizations. In cities like Cairo, Egypt and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where we hosted EMC Forums for the first time, barriers to innovation are often geopolitical. The oil industry in Saudi Arabia affects how IT departments spend on technology, forcing many IT leaders to think creatively about capital and resources. And in cities like Moscow, Russia, IT budgets are being squeezed. On top of all this, relevant IT talent can be hard to find in some of these regions. (more…)




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