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Modern Data Center: The Secret’s in the Software

Clint Kitson

Clint Kitson

Technical Director, {code} by Dell EMC
Clint Kitson

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Digital transformation is everywhere, and it’s a critical point in IT evolution—but there’s a whole ecosystem of companies that are forming, not transforming, and starting from scratch with their own modern data centers—using both open source and proprietary software. (more…)

The New Media Evolution, Memory-Centric Architectures and Deep Learning: 2017 Predictions from the CTO

As we approached the end of 2016, I reflected on the storage trend predictions we identified – Containers, 2-Tier Storage, Cloud Portfolio Management, New Media technologies and IT Skills focused on Cloud-native development.

While predictions are mostly educated guess, our 2016 predictions played out favorably.

So now it’s time to look ahead for 2017… what can we expect this year?


What Makes Today Different from the Internet Boom Years Ago?

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton

Chief Marketing Officer, Dell
Jeremy Burton is the Chief Marketing Officer of Dell, directly responsible for the global marketing structure, strategy, and all aspects of Dell’s enterprise marketing efforts including brand, communications, digital and field & channel marketing. In addition to his marketing responsibilities, Burton leads Corporate Development where is responsible for M&A and venture capital investment activity. He is based at Dell’s offices in Santa Clara, California.

It’s almost 20 years since I was sitting (with an equally youthful Marc Benioff) at Microsoft’s Internet launch in 1995. Netscape was the runaway leader, the rest of the tech industry was scrambling to catch up… and everyone else was trying to figure out how the Internet would impact their business. Companies that embraced the Internet experienced dramatic growth. Those that didn’t died. Don’t believe me? Just go back and look at the Fortune 500 where 52% have disappeared right off the list since 2000.

Status of the Fortune 500

Once again, we find ourselves on the precipice of a massive change, one driven by the advent of a digital world, built on a mobile/cloud platform. The numbers are staggering – by 2020, there will be seven billion people connected to the Internet on 30 billion devices, generating an astronomical 44 zettabytes of data. And just like the PC-Client/Server driven Internet boom that preceded it, the digital world will be a massive opportunity for those businesses that embrace it… and a tertiary-cretaceous boundary for those that don’t. (more…)