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The Cloud: Spot The Difference

Guy Churchward

Guy Churchward

President, Core Technologies
Guy Churchward is President of the Core Technologies Division at EMC Corporation. He is responsible for a division that is redefining storage through a comprehensive portfolio of core storage solutions encompassing the award-winning VMAX, VNX, VNXe, XtremIO, VPLEX, and Data Domain technologies and a cutting-edge software portfolio that delivers simplified storage systems management, continuous availability, replication, backup, and archive solutions. He has more than 27 years of experience in the IT industry, with broad international experience that spans executive management, engineering, sales, marketing and business development capacities. He joined EMC in May 2012, when he served as Senior Vice President of Engineering for the Backup & Recovery Systems Division, before becoming Division President in October 2012. He was appointed to lead the Core Technologies Division in October 2014.


Cloud storage is a bit like air travel.  When flight was new, it made new things possible – distant holidays, global business, year-round seasonal produce.  But it hasn’t replaced every other form of travel; we don’t fly to the store to buy milk.  Rather, flight is just one method of transport.  Likewise, cloud is just one storage option. So why do we get so spun up about it? (more…)

The Future for IT in Japan

Toshihiko Otsuka

Toshihiko Otsuka

Japan Country Manager at EMC Corporation
Toshihiko Otsuka

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The world is changing and Japan is no exception.  The Internet of Things (IoT) – the interconnectedness of our professional and personal technology – is creating IT change at an unprecedented scale.  This IT-centric world has the potential to significantly contribute to the work we accomplish and make the future a better place for everyone.

In fact, IT megatrends like cloud computing are creating opportunities throughout Japanese industry, especially in light of the country’s commitment to the advancement of core technology and a deep-seated culture of hospitality.  (more…)

Private Versus Public Cloud No Longer an Either/Or Debate

No Longer an Either/Or Debate

When it comes to private versus public cloud, we are no longer living in an “either/or” world. Rather, the businesses that truly harness the power of both public and private cloud are finding that they have a significant advantage over their “either/or” peers. The truth is that despite the allure of the public cloud, organizations still need IT at the helm. We trust and depend heavily on our IT departments to make crucial decisions around security, governance and performance. And after all, they have a vested interest in brokering the best solutions for their company that will ultimately drive business acceleration and the bottom line.

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