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Putting Healthcare Data to Work

David Dimond

David Dimond

Chief Technology Officer and Distinguished Engineer, Global Healthcare at Dell EMC
David Dimond

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Technology continues to change how we work and play. As consumers, we are living in an Information Generation that is more digitally connected to each other through the things we use and the experiences they enable. For businesses, all this data creates a clearer picture of our customers and what they both need and want. And, for healthcare organizations, gaining that clear picture on a particular patient in real-time can be critical at the point of care. (more…)

Are You Ready for the Information Generation?

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin

Former Chief Marketing Officer
Jonathan Martin is the former Chief Marketing Officer at EMC. He was appointed to the role in March 2014 and was responsible for the strategy and execution of all aspects of EMC's marketing efforts in 86 countries globally. Martin joined EMC as Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing in March 2011, where he was responsible for building and guiding EMC's global reputation and brand through EMC's digital, social, community and mobile presence, paid media efforts, marketing analytics and worldwide corporate events. In his role, Martin's charter was to make the EMC brand synonymous with IT transformation, big data, and security. He was based at EMC's offices in Santa Clara, California.

Information-Generation-Logo-Vertical-BlackNothing is changing business as rapidly and with as much impact as the changing expectations of the Information Generation, a growing community of digital citizens connected to a global network that puts the world’s information at their fingertips. More than a discrete demographic like the Baby Boomers or the Millennials, the Information Generation represents the larger group of people who are resetting expectations of business, demanding faster, round-the-clock access to services and want more personalized digitized experiences tailored for any smart device. (more…)




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