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The Rationale for an Expanded Data Lake

CJ Desai

CJ Desai

President, Emerging Technologies
CJ Desai is President of the Emerging Technologies Division at EMC. He oversees all aspects of the business including product development, finance, marketing, sales and product management. In addition, he is responsible for leading the investigation of additional opportunities in emerging strategic product segments that represent new addressable markets for EMC with a focus on disruptive technologies. He is based at EMC’s offices in Santa Clara, California, United States.

Building an Expanded Data LakeIn January, I described 2015 as the year in which data lakes come of age and move into mainstream IT. Since then, we have seen the impact of unstructured data growth on organizations across every industry. Data lakes that consolidate and eliminate storage silos to lower costs and harness the power of data assets are more appealing than ever, but it’s not a static picture.

Data growth is pervasive and, for many of our customers, it’s being generated continuously in every corner of their business. The cloud is an ever more important element in enterprise data storage strategies. We are also living in an “always on” world, demanding access to data anytime. (more…)