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What’s Driving the Data Lake?

Bill Schmarzo

Bill Schmarzo

Chief Technology Officer, Global Services Big Data Practice

EMC’s Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL) announcement has been a long time in the making.  It’s been a perfect storm of industry trends that enable big data and make data lakes a feasible data architecture option.  These trends include:

Data Growth – Web applications, social media, mobile apps, sensors, scanners, wearable computing and the Internet of Things are all generating an avalanche of new, more granular data about customers, channels, products and operations that can now be captured, integrated, mined and acted upon.

Cheap Storage – The cost of storage is plummeting, which enables organizations to think differently about data. Leading organizations are transitioning from viewing data as a cost to be minimized to valuing it as an asset to be hoarded. Even if they don’t yet know how they will use that data, they are transitioning to a “data abundance” mentality.

Limitless Computing – The ability to bring to bear an almost limitless amount of computing power to any business problem allows organizations to process, enrich and analyze this growing wealth of data, uncovering actionable insights about their customers and their business operations. (more…)




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