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The Human Face of Big Data: The Documentary

Nina Hargus

Nina Hargus

Senior Vice President, Global Field and Partner Marketing at Dell EMC

“Big Data” was not yet a household term when EMC sponsored The Human Face of Big Data more than three years ago. To help the general public understand how technology’s ability to gather, store and analyze massive amounts of information will change our lives, EMC underwrote production of the book by Rick Smolan, creator of the wildly popular “Day in the Life” series of photography books. Three years later, talk of Big Data has moved on to Data Lakes that can now bring data, analytics and applications together seamlessly, enabling organizations to run analytics across all of their data, acting on insights and building new capabilities that were unimaginable before.

To see how The Human Face of Data project has evolved, tune in to the hour-long documentary set to air tonight on PBS stations at 10pm ET (check local listings for viewing details).

Digital Crystal Ball Reveals Tomorrow’s Economic Gains

Over the previous generation, successive waves of new information technology – from the introduction of personal computers to the Internet to wireless broadband and diverse mobile devices – have enabled dramatic gains in workplace productivity. Today, in a period of widespread economic uncertainty and diminished expectations of the future, skeptics wonder if the tech-driven productivity gains of recent decades have run their course.


Techonomy Conference to Showcase Human Face of Big Data

Carter Wilkie

Carter Wilkie

Senior Director, Executive & Internal Communications

The 2012 Techonomy conference in Tucson from Nov. 11 to 13 promises to be one of the more interesting executive-level technology conferences of the year. One of the most interesting angles or themes at this year’s conference is how innovators around the globe are actually using Big Data and applying data science to solve global problems and increase the value that their enterprises create.





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