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Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – Smaller and Simpler with VxRail

First – the headline, because a headline this good shouldn’t be buried: Today, a turnkey Enterprise Hybrid Cloud got 3x simpler, and available 3x smaller.   This makes the number of customers for which it’s an interesting option for 10x more customers.


“Yes” to IT Transformation. Now What?

Howard Elias

Howard Elias

President, Dell EMC Services and IT
Howard Elias is President, Dell EMC Services and IT, supporting customers across the Client Solutions and Enterprise Solutions Groups. He oversees technology and deployment services, consulting services, global support services, education services, global Centers of Excellence, and the IT organization.

The pace of technology change (and, thus life change) keeps accelerating with every new mobile app, social engagement, cloud vendor, and smart sensor. Analysts predict 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020, creating massive amounts of data waiting for someone or some thing to analyze this deluge and create the next big innovation that will fuel another wave of change. And so the cycle goes.

I visited with about a dozen customers in Europe this past month and they are all saying, “I get it, but now what do I do?” (more…)

What’s the Best Predictor of Success with IT Transformation? The softer elements are often the hardest to execute

The softer elements are often the hardest to execute

Mike Koehler

Mike Koehler

President, Professional Services
Mike Koehler is President, Professional Services. He manages EMC Global Services' broad portfolio of professional services, practices and delivery, as well as go-to-market execution, ensuring customers derive maximum benefit from their investments in EMC technology. As the leader of EMC's professional services team, Koehler is responsible for supporting EMC's continued leadership role in Cloud, Big Data, and Trusted IT by enabling its customers and partners on their IT transformation journey. He is based at EMC’s offices in Dallas, Texas, United States.

On the road to IT-as-a-Service, transforming your IT infrastructure and applications is the easy part, comparatively speaking, that is. The really tough part is transforming the people and processes, and it’s also what differentiates the most successful IT transformations.

So you’ve virtualized your environment, set up your on-premises private cloud and connected it with a public cloud solution. You have a hybrid cloud up and running and you’re on your way to delivering IT-as-a-Service. Now that you have the hardware and software operating, how do you get your people operating in a new way – with new processes and structure — that allows your business to capitalize on the new IT agenda to deliver more business value than ever before? (more…)

Get Your IT Transformation in Gear

Barbara Robidoux

Barbara Robidoux

Vice President, Global Services Marketing
Barbara Robidoux

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IT executives are finding it more difficult to look outside their window and not wonder at what rate of speed their organization is keeping ahead – or lagging behind – the competition in terms of cloud strategy and utilization. Asking questions is natural. But achieving answers? That requires an actionable plan which unequivocally defines priorities around IT as a Service (ITaaS). (more…)