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Mobile UX: The Evolution Revolution

Jeetu Patel

Jeetu Patel

General Manager, Syncplicity
Jeetu Patel

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You don’t need to teach a child to push harder when confronted with a heavy object. She figures it out. You don’t need to teach a child to pay attention when you shake a rattle. He naturally gets attracted to its sound and motion. You don’t need to tell a child to become calm and joyful when seeing beautiful objects. She just smiles.

The human brain has evolved over centuries to interact with physical objects and react to cues in the real world. Interfacing with mobile apps is increasingly more like interacting with these physical objects. We touch, swipe, tap and tilt them.


Tech Prediction for 2014: As BYOD Matures, BYOI Is Waiting in the Wings

Art Coviello

Art Coviello

Executive Chairman (retired), RSA
Art Coviello retired from serving as Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation and Executive Chairman, RSA, The Security Division of EMC in February 2015. He was responsible for RSA's strategy and overall operations as it delivers on a global vision of information-centric security. He was Chief Executive Officer of RSA Security, Inc. prior to its acquisition by EMC in 2006. He joined RSA in 1995 and has been a driving force in its rapid growth since that time. He was based at RSA headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts, United States.

The analyst firm IDC has cleverly delineated the evolution of computing over the past 40+ years into three eras or platforms – the mainframe platform of the 70’s, the client/server platform of the 90’s, and the Big Data, Cloud, Social, and Mobile platform of today.

One of the interesting trends of this third platform and the rapid and extensive proliferation of mobile technology that has been one of its hallmarks is the consumerization of IT. Companies are giving employees greater latitude in accessing corporate resources and data via their own personal devices (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD). (more…)