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Modern Data Center: The Secret’s in the Software

Clint Kitson

Clint Kitson

Technical Director, {code} by Dell EMC
Clint Kitson

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Digital transformation is everywhere, and it’s a critical point in IT evolution—but there’s a whole ecosystem of companies that are forming, not transforming, and starting from scratch with their own modern data centers—using both open source and proprietary software. (more…)

Digital Transformation – Learn By Doing

Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher

President, Cloud Platform Team
Brian Gallagher is President of EMC’s Cloud Platform Team. He is responsible for the company’s strategy and offerings for cloud native application management and orchestration. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Last week we held the official opening of the EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The term ‘dojo’ is a Japanese word that translates to ‘the place of the way’. In our dojo, software developers learn and contribute to Cloud Foundry, the leading open source platform for Cloud Native Applications. (more…)

Reconstituting Our Software Development Skillset

The digital transformation of our economy is creating many challenges for CIOs and IT organizations. The development of original software at scale is near the top of that list.

Over the last 15 years, the capacity for IT shops to develop original software that provides differentiated services has mostly atrophied. The industry has focused, instead, on implementing shrink-wrapped software packages. IT’s effectiveness was measured on deploying, optimizing, and maintaining those packaged systems.

However, in the past few years the value of IT has changed. (more…)

Making Data Work through Collaboration

Scott Yara

Scott Yara

Senior Vice President, Products, Greenplum
Scott Yara

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We are living in an extraordinary time. The convergence of technology vectors in recent years, including the advancement in microprocessors, storage, networking, virtualization, and the cloud, has presented one disruptive shift after the other, empowering remarkable people and organizations to push the limits experientially, conceptually, and socially.