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EMC at VMworld 2014

VMworldPhew – it’s been a crazy week at VMworld!   Like every year, VMworld in San Francisco is a week so densely packed, it makes the surface of a neutron star feel like Fargo, Dakota. Tens of thousands of customers, partners, competitors – and for me, a great opportunity to see and talk to many long-time friends.


How Our Product Strategy Fits Together

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton

Chief Marketing Officer, Dell
Jeremy Burton is the Chief Marketing Officer of Dell, directly responsible for the global marketing structure, strategy, and all aspects of Dell’s enterprise marketing efforts including brand, communications, digital and field & channel marketing. In addition to his marketing responsibilities, Burton leads Corporate Development where is responsible for M&A and venture capital investment activity. He is based at Dell’s offices in Santa Clara, California.

Last week at EMC World, we announced a lot of new technologies and talked a lot about our federated business model, which includes VMware and Pivotal. So let me piece it all together briefly for the benefit of people who want to better understand EMC’s overall storage strategy and how that strategy fits into what the rest of the EMC federation is doing. (more…)

New ECS Appliance Combines Benefits of Public and Private Cloud Storage

Amitabh Srivastava

Amitabh Srivastava

Executive Vice President, Advisor to the CEO
Amitabh Srivastava is Executive Vice President and Advisor to the CEO. He formerly served as President of the Advanced Software Division, where he oversaw all aspects of the business including product development, finance, marketing, sales, and product management. He is based at EMC’s offices in Seattle, Washington, United States.

There has been a lot of discussion in the industry about the pros and cons of public and private cloud offerings, but my perspective has always remained the same: it is possible to build an offering that combines the best of both worlds.  As I’ve suggested previously, with such an offering the economics and scale of the public cloud are not limited to the largest Web companies and service providers, customers of any size should be able to get them. (more…)

The Social Network of Machines, Software-Defined Storage, & the Data Protection Continuum

Stephen Manley

Stephen Manley

Chief Technology Officer, Core Technologies
Stephen Manley

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The Second Machine Age is redefining our relationship with technology. From healthcare to transportation, our lives will be nearly unrecognizable to our children. Underlying this change is the next generation of the social network: a Social Network of Machines. This Social Network of Machines will be a vast infrastructure built on the Third Platform (i.e. mobile, big data, social, cloud) and fueled by near-ubiquitous metadata about machines and humans.

In this two part series, we’ll first examine what technology drives the Second Machine Age. Then we will explore how we can avoid an “Accidental Architecture” on a global scale. (more…)