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How Much Is Your Data Worth?

Steve Todd

Steve Todd

EMC Fellow and Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

According to Gartner’s Doug Laney, some 80% of executives believe the value of their company’s data is reflected on their balance sheet, yet this increasingly valuable asset is rarely managed with the same discipline, principles and practices as financial or human capital or physical assets. How can a business bridge this gap? (more…)

The Laws of Profit Dynamics (Part 2)

Jon Fay

Jon Fay

Former Vice President, Executive Development
Jon Fay

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In my first post on the Laws of Profit Dynamics I explained that any growth a company experiences beyond what’s driven by overall economic growth is not really value creation, but rather value migration. This parallels the First Law of Thermodynamics. What follows is a comparison between Entropy and commoditization and what it takes for businesses to fight disorder and maintain their value.





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