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We’re days old as Dell Technologies… but already adding new #1’s – now #1 in servers

Frankly, it’s an unbelievably invigorating time here inside Dell EMC and Dell Technologies.   Things are happening fast. Things are happening furiously. Things are happening fantastically.

We believe that the industry is in a phase of disruption. We believe that customers want choice, but also want strong opinionated views. Customers are telling us: “tell us what you think, but don’t tell us what to do… Instead, guide us on the path forward”.


VxRail – An Incredible Product at an Incredible Time

Listening to the market, listening to customers, and adapting is important – we all operate in a very competitive market. For any offer – there are the classic “four P’s” that a team needs to consider, and VxRail nails them. (more…)